Corporate overview


KYT Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1979 as a trading company dealing in pulp and paper products.
In 1991, KYT established an interpretation/translation/conference support (secretariat service) division, launching new business as an interpretation agency specializing in IT (Information Technology), which was an emerging field at the time.
KYT grew rapidly to become the unchallenged leader in interpretation and translation services for the IT industry.
At present, KYT has extended its services portfolio to cover not only IT but also the financial, medical, pharmaceutical, legal, entertainment and other industries by developing a talent pool of interpreters/translators capable of excelling in diverse fields.

Company name
KYT Co., Ltd.
10,000,000 Yen
Ohna Kaneda, President and Representative Director
September 8th , 1979
Interpreting Services Translation Services Temporary Staffing Services:General Worker Dispatching Business (Permission Number: General 13-040267)                Fee-charging Employment Placement (Permission Number: 13-Yu-313239 ) Secretariat Services (exhibition & seminar organization/management, staff arrangement and management, etc.)
Tokyo Headquarters  Toranomon Kotohira Tower 7F, 1-2-8 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 West Japan Office   Urban Ace Kitahama bldg. 1F, 2-3-7 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku Osakacity, Osaka 541-0046
Tokyo Headquarters  +81-3-5501-7811 West Japan Office   +81-6-6213-8098
Bank Reference
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Akasaka Branch
MUFG Bank, Ltd. , Kyobashi Branch

Tokyo Headquarters

West Japan Office

The Mission of KYT Co., Ltd.

Mission 1

Our commitment to customers

To serve customers and society with a broad range of language services:

・Best coordination
・Best service
・Interpretation, translation, temporary staffing, international conferences, education services
・Limitless expansion of service areas to meet customer needs

Mission 2

Our commitment to employees

The company exists first and foremost to enable individuals to lead a full life (= pursue personal happiness)

・Rigorous and fair evaluation
・Stable work for professional personnel
・Fulfilling work that requires self-initiative and independence
・A lively company where it is fun to work

The KYT Difference

The Professionals at Cultivating Professionalism

International events held in grand style with tens of thousands of attendees…
International conferences bringing together the best minds of the world…
Behind the scenes, interpreters, translators, and other professionals play a crucial role.
As the business scene evolves, professionals must constantly strive for higher expertise.
Specialization calls for increasingly sophisticated thinking and execution.
Smart management is key to drawing out the best from professional talent.
We at KYT provide the professionals to address your needs and the organization / management (consulting and coordination) to deliver the best results every time.

Professionalism does not just happen - it must be cultivated.
The Professionals at Cultivating Professionalism
KYT takes consulting and coordination to a new level.