Secretariat service

Comprehensive Consulting Services are Provided

From publicity to reception of attendees, all services are provided in a manner that is consistent, polite and attentive to detail from the customer's perspective.


  • Secretariat services
  • Operation support (for conferences)
  • Operation Support on the Day of the Conference

KYT provides a full range of services, including consulting, advance preparation, operations on the day of the conference and post-processing, to ensure success of conference in a broad range of fields.
Focused services such as database creation and management are also available upon request.
Please feel free to contact us for details.

Secretariat services

Secretariat services such as handling of potential attendees' queries and attendance fee payments, are provided for events of all kinds, from the preparatory stage to the day of the event.
Consulting is also provided on registration methods.
Our particular strength is rapid and accurate fee processing and accounting.

Operation support (for conferences)

A great variety of work is involved in preparing for and managing conferences.
Every task requires careful execution.
Leveraging expertise and know-how from its extensive experience and track record, KYT provides support to facilitate success of the conference.
・Preparatory schedule management, venue utilization planning, consulting on operational methods
・Arrangement of handouts (programs, tickets, entry badges, novelty goods, etc.)
・Arrangement of audio-visual equipment, conference hall staff, receptionists, etc.

Operation Support on the Day of the Conference

It is no exaggeration to say that management of conferences depends entirely on the capability of the support staff.
At our company, each staff member in each position fulfills his or her duties responsibly under the supervision of the operations manager.
◇Main duties
・Direction of operations on the day of the event
・ ushers
・ receptionists
・ attendants for speakers
・ Audio-visual staff


  • STEP 1 Queries

    TOur full-time staff will ask for details such as the contents, schedule, venue, format, scale and attendees of the conference.

  • STEP 2 Quotes

    On the basis of the requirements and work contents, we will make a proposal on the personnel structure, headcount, duration of duties, etc. .
    We will also make a proposal on collateral materials and audio equipment if needed.

  • STEP 3 Opening of

    The secretariat is set up at our office and responds to queries and registration requests from potential attendees.
    People who have registered are sent tickets and an invoice, and payment of fees is confirmed.
    Customers are also informed of the status of their registration on a daily, weekly or other reporting interval as requested.

  • STEP 4 On the Day of
    the Conference

    On the day of the conference, each professional in each position fulfills his or her duties responsibly under the supervision of the operations manager.

  • STEP 5 Work Report

    After the conference, various types of post-processing are carried out, after which the secretariat at our office is closed down.
    A report is also prepared as needed to inform about the number of attendees, the progress of activities, any issues and feedback from the attendees, etc.


  • Feature 1

    Service that is Polite and Attentive to detail from the Customer's Perspective

    The secretariat, which serves as the reception desk for conference participants, is the first point of contact for the attendees.
    Their experience at the reception desk may determine their impression of the conference and its organizers.
    KYT's experienced, professional staff members offer attentive service, always keeping in mind that as receptionists they represent the organizer.

  • Feature 2

    Reliable Consulting based on Experience

    On the basis of experience and knowhow from conference secretariat services and operational support over many years, we provide reliable consulting for each engagement, delivering the best service tailored to the subject matter, size and format.

  • Feature 3

    Operations by a Full Lineup of Staff and Specialists on the Day of the Event

    The operation director, receptionists, technicians and various other staff work together at a conference.
    The ability of each staff member to respond properly has a big impact on success.
    KYT selects the most suitable staff and specialists from our extensive line-up of personnel to support operations on the day of the event.