Interpretation Services

Delivering the best interpretation services through professional teamwork

KYT provides professional conference interpreters as well as consulting/coordination to ensure that their accomplished interpreting skills are fully exerted at the crucial moment.


  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Whispered interpreting

Experienced interpreters will ensure smooth communication.
KYT asks customers about their needs and proposes the most suitable mode of interpretation - consecutive, simultaneous or whispered interpreting.
We also provide interpretation in a wide range of languages and disciplines.
We have a comprehensive line-up of services as well as professionals to meet customer requirements without fail, on the basis of a detailed understanding of each interpreter's achievements, work history, personal traits, fields of expertise, etc.
We provide polite, trustworthy interpreters who deliver accurate, high quality service.


This is the interpretation method in which the speaker’s statements are translated in real time.
Use of simultaneous interpreting equipment is a prerequisite.
Much information can be communicated in a short amount of time.

Simultaneous interpreting requires considerable mental concentration.
The maximum time that one interpreter can continue in this mode is 15 to 20 minutes, so a minimum of two interpreters needs to be arranged.
This method is often used for international conferences at large venues, but special plans for small venues can also be arranged for customers who wish to communicate in a time-efficient manner to a smaller group of people.


This is the interpretation method in which the speaker’s statements are noted down and translated several sentences at a time.

It does not require special equipment as in the case of simultaneous interpreting; the interpreter merely needs to be present.
However, it takes roughly twice as long as simultaneous interpreting.
In other words, the speaker can only say half as much in a given amount of time as with simultaneous interpreting.
This method is generally used for business meetings, interviews, and the like.


This method is used for meetings, etc., where only a few people require interpreting.
It is called whispered interpreting because the interpreter speaks in a low voice in close proximity to one or two listeners.

This is the method often seen on TV programs featuring foreign guests with interpreters translating in a low voice from behind.
Whispered interpreting is basically the same as simultaneous interpreting, requiring a comparable level of mental concentration.
Even if it is interspersed with consecutive interpreting of the speaker’s statements, about one hour is the limit for one interpreter.
In the case of continuous whispered interpreting as well as simultaneous interpreting, the interpreters need to take turns roughly every 20 minutes, so it is necessary to arrange for at least two interpreters.


Supported Languages

English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, etc.
*Please consult with us regarding other languages as well.

Fields of interpretation

IT (Information Technology), Finance, Logistics, Biotechnology, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Sports & Entertainment, Politics & Economics, Manufacturing, Legal, Environment, Nuclear Energy, Fuel Cells, Art, etc.

Types of Interpreting

International Conferences / Symposia / Seminars / Lectures / Sports Events / Entertainment / Press Conferences / Interviews / Accompanying VIPs / Corporate Visits / Business Negotiations / Exhibitions / Technical Training / IR / In-house Meetings / Teleconferences / Company Tours / Factory Tours / Guide-Interpreter Service, etc.

Our Network

Japan : Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and regional cities
Global : The U.S.A., U.K. and other English-speaking countries; China, South Korea and other Asian countries; France, Belgium and other European countries.
*Please consult with us regarding other regions as well.


  • STEP 1 Queries

    Our interpretation coordinators will seek the customer's detailed input on the contents, schedule, venue, hours, languages, mode of interpretation, participants, etc. of the conference.

  • STEP 2 Quotes

    On the basis of the requirements and work contents, the coordinators will make a proposal on the number and class of interpreters and the required equipment.
    They will inform the customer about the interpreter(s), who are selected to meet their requirements and preferences.
    Delivery of interpretation equipment will also be proposed if needed.

  • STEP 3 Advance

    The coordinators will ask for details such as whether to have a briefing for the interpreter(s), the meeting place and time, etc. Please provide any scripts, presentations or other materials to be used by the speaker(s) so the interpreter(s) can prepare.
    Thorough preparation regarding technical terms, proper nouns, etc. will help ensure satisfactory performance.

  • STEP 4 On the Day of

    The interpreter(s) will go to the designated location at the time requested.
    Coordinators may accompany the interpreter(s) as needed.

  • STEP 5 Work Report

    On conclusion of the assignment, we seek the feedback of the customer and the participants for improvement of interpretation services in the future.
    Any overtime or problems that occur are also reported.


  • Feature 1

    A Relationship of Trust with our Interpreters

    Interpretation, which can be crucial for smooth communication, attains the highest level through the teamwork of skilled interpreters and professional coordinators.
    KYT takes great care day by day to develop a relationship of trust with top-class interpreters playing an active role in various fields.

  • Feature 2

    Serving as a member
    of the customer's staff

    The role to be played by interpreters is extremely important in any situation.
    If a conference aims to communicate about cutting-edge technology and trends, the effectiveness of communications largely depends on the capability of the interpreter to bridge the language gap on behalf of the customer.
    KYT delivers high quality interpretation service by choosing the most suitable interpreter for the occasion.

  • Feature 3

    Support by dedicated
    coordinators who
    understand the customer

    KYT’s coordinators always have their “antennas” tuned to the clients’ situation, in an effort to fully understand their needs.
    With solid background knowledge, they support the customer by coordinating all necessary aspects from the planning stage up to delivery of interpretation service.