Video Conferences & Conference Calls

Video Conferences & Conference Calls

KYT Supports Smooth Multi-site Communication with Simultaneous Interpretation and consecutive interpretation.
Good interpretation relies upon a good interpretation environment.
Interpreters are professionals of "sound," capable of telling apart minute differences in pronunciation that would normally be indistinguishable.
KYT has the skills and experience to support such professionalism by providing the best interpretation environment to ensure that the interpreters' accomplished interpreting skills are fully exerted.


  • Web conferences & conference calls
  • online seminars
  • subtitles & dubbing

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation service is provided for remote conferences as well as online seminars.

Subtitles or dubbing (voice-over) can also be provided for videos prerecorded for events or videos of events that have taken place.

For Instance, What If

Web conferences &
conference calls

・Management meetings, board meetings or other internal meetings held remotely.

・Meetings with customers or partners held remotely.

Online seminars

・Online seminars (webinars) for a global audience.

・Participation of customers or partners from Japan in seminars held overseas.

・Remote training by overseas instructors without inviting them to Japan.

Subtitles & dubbing

・Adding subtitles to prerecorded videos for playback at seminars, meetings, etc.

・Dubbing prerecorded videos with the voice of interpreters for playback at seminars, meetings, etc.


Major Reduction in Cost
and Time for Business Trips

Time for Business Trips

Major savings in travel time and cost can be achieved as meetings can be held among multiple sites in Japan and overseas.
※ An example of business travel costs: By avoiding a three person, three day trip on business class from Japan to Los Angeles and back with airfare of 700,000 yen/person and accommodations of 24,000/night, a total of 2,325,000 yen could be saved.

Real-Time Message Delivery

Real-Time Message Delivery

Important messages can be delivered in real time to all sites of a company (group). Prerecorded videos can be subtitled or dubbed with the voice of interpreters.

Rapid decision-making

Prompt Decision-Making

Swift business judgment and decision-making transcending boundaries of nation and language without friction in response to constantly changing economic trends.
Having interpretation done simultaneously makes the most effective use of limited meeting time.

Smooth Communication

Smooth Communication

With simultaneous or consecutive interpretation by professional conference interpreters, it is possible to actively participate in meetings even if one struggles with English. Discussions and exchanges of views become livelier.


  • STEP 1 Queries

    Our interpretation coordinators will seek the customer's detailed input on the contents, schedule, venue, hours, languages, mode of interpretation, participants, etc. of the conference.

  • STEP 2 Verification of
    the Environment

    We will confirm the conferencing system to be used, the conference room environment, the number of sites to be linked, etc.
    Our coordinators or engineers may ask to have a look at the venue beforehand if needed.
    If interpretation is also requested, interpretation fees will be quoted together with other fees.

  • STEP 3 Quotes

    On the basis of the requirements and work contents, our coordinators will make a proposal on the number and class of interpreters and required equipment.
    They will inform the customer about the interpreters, who are selected to meet the requirements and preferences of the customer.

  • STEP 4 Advance

    The coordinators will ask for details such as whether to have a briefing for interpreters, where and when they should come, etc.
    Please provide any scripts, presentations or other materials to be used by the speakers so the interpreters can prepare.
    Thorough preparation regarding technical terms, proper nouns, etc.
    will help ensure satisfactory performance.

  • STEP 5 On the day of

    Interpreters and equipment engineers will go wherever and whenever instructed.
    Coordinators accompany them to provide support as needed.
    Prior day equipment setup and rehearsals are also accommodated for.

  • STEP 6 Work Report

    On conclusion of the assignment, we seek the feedback of the customer and the participants for improvement of interpretation services in the future.