Translation Services

Translation Service emphasizing a Balance between Quality, Speed and Cost

KYT emphasizes a balance between quality, speed and cost, with professional coordinators, translators, checkers and operators who meet the multifaceted needs of all customers, ranging from those who prioritize translation quality for the benefit of readers, to those who need fast completion to meet pressing deadlines, or those with limited options due to budget constraints.


  • Document Translation
  • Native Checking
  • Other Services

The translation services of KYT are the result of professional teamwork between our coordinators, who have consulting skills to accurately grasp customer needs, our translators, who balance quality and speed leveraging abundant experience in the subject matter, our checkers, who meticulously cross-check the output and make sure it flows naturally, and our operators, who put it into a well-designed, appealing format.
We have a full line up of human resources to meet your needs for translation of documents of any format in any subject matter in many languages.

Document Translation

The creation, distribution, usage and management of various documents is crucial to the activities of corporations and organizations.
Nowadays it is becoming more the exception than the rule for these documents to be used in only one country.
KYT fulfills the translation needs of a wide range of industries such as the IT and other technology sectors as well as investment, banking, insurance and other financial sectors and medicine, pharmaceuticals and other fields of life science.
From day to day we handle a large number of business documents from lines of business such as development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, public relations, education and support to administrative functions such as human resources, general affairs, finance, legal affairs and management.
KYT has supported the activities of foreign companies with Japanese localization needs as well as domestic firms needing to communicate in multiple languages as they expand overseas.
This abundant experience ensures high-quality, speedy translation of all types of documents with care for readability and intended use.
We provide translations that are easy to read and understand by properly accounting for variance in notation and expression due to cultural differences and by keeping the needs of the reader in mind.
We hope to be at your service.

Native Checking

This is a service in which native speakers of various languages validate grammatical coherence and revise the translation into more natural, easy-to-read and flowing language upon request.
"I tried to translate it but I wonder if they will understand?" "We had it translated but does it sound natural?" :
"We have drafted the text; it just needs to be brushed up." "We can translate it ourselves; the grammar just needs to be checked"
If you have such concerns or requirements, we can address them.

Other Services

The KYT translation team provides various services other than translation and native checking.
◇ DTP Service: Various types of DTP design are provided using MS Office applications as well as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Framemaker, etc. in multiple languages.
PDFs can be repurposed and rough designs can also be polished up, so please ask for details.
◇ Audio Transcription: Transcription of audio contents in various languages is provided.
The output can be used to prepare scripts from recordings of speeches or minutes from recordings of meetings, or as an original text to be translated for subtitles or dubbing.
◇ Video Subtitling: Scripts for subtitles are prepared by input of time codes from video materials and translation adjusted in length to match the transcript.
Subtitle editing work in the studio can also be provided.
◇ Dubbing: Interpreting resources experienced with dubbing or as MCs are assigned Studio recordings in various languages can also be provided.


Supported Languages

European languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian; Asian languages such as Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian; and others.
Rare languages can also be handled.
Please consult with us.

Fields of interpretation

IT (information and communications), finance, distribution, biotechnology, medicine and pharmaceuticals, sports, entertainment, politics and economics, manufacturing, law, environmental issues, nuclear energy, fuel cells, arts, etc.
※ All fields are supported.
Please consult with us.

Supported document types

Translation of presentation materials, technical documents, manuals, product catalogs, contracts, academic papers, newspaper and magazine articles, releases and other PR materials, IR materials, webpages, blogs, video soundtracks, etc.
※ Utilization of translation assets from translation support tools and additional translation for revision of manuals is also possible, so please consult with us.
※ Posters, POP materials etc., for inbound customers can be prepared any time, also with DTP services.
※ We also have much experience with creative contents and production-related documents such as proposals, operational manuals, scripts, etc.

Quality assurance system

① Self-check by each translator in charge
② Double-check by our checkers and rewriters
③ Triple-check by our coordinators in charge
Quality is assured by the three processes above.
Quality that satisfies the customer and readers is achieved.
Care is taken to respond to any queries from the customer after delivery.


  • STEP 1 Queries

    Please provide the original data or material and inform us about the desired target language(s) and format.
    If the original cannot be provided, our coordinators will ask the information needed to make a quote.
    Please feel free to consult with us.

  • STEP 2 Quotes

    Our coordinators will make a proposal of price and delivery date based on the customer's requirements and will provide advice on points to keep in mind, etc.
    If the original is finalized, the quote will be based on its word count so there will be no change in the price afterwards.

  • STEP 3 Advance

    If available, please provide reference materials to be shared with the translator.
    Even if there is none, our coordinators will search mainly from the internet for relevant information to provide to the translator.
    If there are prior translations of similar documents, translation memory assets from translation support tools, or glossaries, they will be shared with the translator in advance to ensure uniformity of terminology and translation quality.

  • STEP 4 Checks before

    In addition to self-checking by the translator, our checkers or rewriters also review the translation.
    Any mistaken spelling or punctuation or untranslated passages are corrected and wording is fine-tuned so that it flows and fits into the context better, if necessary.
    If defects are found, the translator will be asked to correct them as often as needed, after which the coordinator will make a final, simple check.

  • STEP 5 Delivery and
    Follow-up Service

    After three stages of pre-delivery checking, the translation is delivered to the customer.
    The coordinators will respond conscientiously to any questions or issues raised by the customer upon review of the translation.


  • Feature 1

    High Quality

    Translators highly experienced with particular industries or types of documents can be assigned to each job.
    Assignments based on the specific contents to be translated, such as "a manufacturer's CSR report," "a user manual for a financial system," or "a pharmaceutical company's press release" are important in assuring the quality of the delivered translation.
    This is reinforced with checks by our checkers and coordinators to achieve high-quality translations attuned to the readers' needs.

  • Feature 2

    Quick Turn-around and Speediness

    No matter how good the quality, translation becomes meaningless if the deadline is missed.
    In response to customers in a hurry, our coordinators, who are able to choose the best translators and checkers available at a given moment, will select personnel capable of meeting the desired delivery schedule out of our extensive translator resources.
    Same-day delivery may be possible for translation of a few hundred words of English into Japanese or a few hundred Japanese characters into English.

  • Feature 3

    Cost Control

    Our unit prices are set in light of all requirements to achieve customer satisfaction, but this does not mean that requests cannot be made if the estimate exceeds the budget.
    If informed about the available budget, our coordinators will put together and propose a plan that achieves the best results within cost constraints.