IR support

Supporting IR Activities with High-Quality Interpretation Service

We provide support for smooth communications between operating companies, investors and analysts.
Please use our high-quality interpretation services to make the most of the limited time for each meeting.

IR Interpretation and Translation Support


Speedy Arrangements and Superior Facilities

We have a solid track record of fulfilling numerous requests from domestic and overseas investors, brokerage firms and operating companies.
The interpreter calls in from home or from the office of the brokerage firm or operating company.
The interpreter can also call in from the Polycoms in our conference rooms.
Please feel free to ask for details.


Full Support by Experienced Interpreters

Every year, we provide support for more than a thousand one-on-one meetings.
Always the most suitable interpreters are selected from our comprehensive line-up.
We hope you will utilize our attentive services, ranging from investors' time management and logistic support to dinner arrangements and post-duty reporting.


Support for Ease of Mind on the Day of the Assignment

We can also arrange for simultaneous interpretation equipment at hotels and international conference centers.
In addition to coordinating with interpreters, we also dispatch skilled engineers to support your seminars and meetings with the best quality acoustics.
Our coordinators attend to the needs of the interpreters to ensure high quality language service.


Speedy Selection of Interpreters

Speedy arrangement of interpreters and accurate schedule management are also provided for overseas IR roadshows of operating companies.
We will support you with coordination for success of your roadshow and ease of mind.


Experienced Translation Teams for Each Sector

Translation of consolidated financial results, briefing materials, annual reports and other documents is also provided.
Please make use of our speedy translation service by translation teams specialized in each of a wide range of fields such as retail, manufacturing, various financial sectors, energy, IT, medicine and pharmaceuticals, etc.


IT industory

For many years we have supported the business of many customers in the IT industry, which gives birth to new technologies, products and services every day.
We provide the best service tailored to the needs of customers, leveraging our wide knowledge and abundant experience.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

Customers have been requesting our language services for a wide variety of assignments ranging from large seminars or trade shows on medical AI, digital health, wearables (apps) and, more recently, cancer genomic medicine, biosimilars and H2 blockers, as well as small to medium-sized meetings such as audits and seminars for doctors and co-medicals.