IT industory

KYT is an Interpretation Agency Specialized in the IT Industry

KYT, as a leading interpretation agency for the IT industry, has supported the business of many customers over the years.
Our experienced interpreters and translators and full-time sales staff/coordinators with thorough knowledge of customers' business provide the best service tailored to the varying requirements and on-site situations of each assignment.
If you have the need for interpretation and translation service in the IT industry, leave it to KYT without hesitation.

Interpretation and Translation Service in the IT Industry


Our Trusted Track Record in the IT Industry

We launched our business as an agent specializing in the IT industry as soon as our interpretation and translation division was established in 1991.
We have continued to keep pace with trends in the constantly evolving IT industry ever since.
We have earned high regards and endorsements from many customers to date, growing in scale to become one of the leading interpretation agencies serving the IT industry.
We provide top-class service in virtually all fields of IT and all situations, leveraging our wide knowhow and rich experience.

Addressed Fields:

Software (OS, business management software, virtualization, security, etc.), hardware (PCs, other devices, servers, storage), security, semiconductors, cloud, telecommunications and networks, system integrators, consulting, web marketing, games, etc.


A Full Line-up of Experienced Interpreters and Translators

KYT has supported interpretation in the IT industry for many years.
That is why we have a full line-up of talented, experienced interpreters and translators that excel in the IT industry.
We always assign the most suitable interpreters or translators in light of the area of specialization, the contents of the assignment and the customer's requirements, out of a vast pool of human resources.
Please consult with us, even if you have a sudden need for interpretation or for a rush translation.


Flexible Responsiveness to Diverse Needs

At KYT, sales staff with thorough knowledge of customers' business provide coordination to deliver optimal one-stop service tailored to the varied requirements, on-site situations, etc., of each assignment, rather than a generic, standardized service.
Please feel free to contact us about any type of assignment, even if it requires deep expertise, is highly demanding, the schedule is tight or the budget is constrained.


On-site Support for Ease of Mind on the Day of the Assignment

For small to large seminars, press conferences, roundtables, trainings and other simultaneous interpretation engagements in particular, coordinators are dispatched with the interpreters to the venue to ensure smooth operations on-site and provide support to elicit the best performance from interpreters.

Our Support

We help to manage the schedule of the interpreters, set up and dismantle simultaneous interpretation equipment, arrange briefings with speakers, provide updated documents, adjust for sudden schedule changes, and to confirm readiness to start and how things are progressing, etc.


IR support

We provide interpretation and translation support for various IR activities, such as interpretation for IR meetings (conference calls and one-on-one meetings), investment seminars, overseas roadshows, etc., and translation of financial reports (consolidated financial results, briefing materials, annual reports, etc.)

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

Customers have been requesting our language services for a wide variety of assignments ranging from large seminars or trade shows on medical AI, digital health, wearables (apps) and, more recently, cancer genomic medicine, biosimilars and H2 blockers, as well as small to medium-sized meetings such as audits and seminars for doctors and co-medicals.