Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

Human evolution is the advancement of civilization

Nowadays, as the 2025 Problem, 100 year life expectancy and other challenges come to the surface, the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are compelled to evolve further. We will support you to enter the Japanese market or spread your wings worldwide.
In this age of uncertainty, look us to provide the services you need.

Interpretation and Translation Service
in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry


Domains and Product Categories

Cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, autoimmune and heart valve disease, artificial heart valves, metabolic disease, reproductive medicine, rare diseases, special disease treatment, biopharmaceuticals, biosimilars (generic drugs), blood products, dialysis, primary care, hepatitis C, pharmaceutical affairs and safety.
■Medical equipment
Cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, endoscopy, urologic diseases, neuromodulation, hemodynamic monitoring, cardiac pacemakers, artificial heart valves, hearing aid manufacturers, implantable hearing devices, electrocardiographs, cleaning and sterilizing devices, da Vinci catheters, in vitro fertilization (fertility treatment), polygraphs, electrode catheters, ablation, medical imaging diagnostics equipment development & manufacturing, CT/MRI, artificial heart lung machines, EHR (electronic health records), digital health care, etc.
PMDA consultations
Audits (GMP, GCP, FDA, etc.), CROs
IT (system deployment & consulting), PR firms, market research firms / healthcare research, and many others.


Coordination Capability

"What will we do if we can’t find interpreters during peak season?"
Many customers have anxiously asked this question. KYT does its best to meet your needs even at the last minute.
  Large-scale events or seminars often entail-last minute schedule changes.
KYT’s coordinators are always coordinating on-site to respond quickly at such times.
Light footwork to go anywhere, anytime is one of our strengths.   We hope to be “a bridge between customers and interpreters" to provide business solutions that satisfy your requirements.


Support Capability

In addition to being a bridge between customers and interpreters, KYT works behind the scenes to ensure that everything functions properly.
We serve as a "bridge" to arrange interpreters for teleconferences, internal meetings, customer visits, audits, HCP interviews, plant inspections and other occasions. Our coordinators go on-site for congresses, special seminars, trade shows, new drug announcements and other large seminars to directly support our customers on the day of the event.


IT industory

For many years we have supported the business of many customers in the IT industry, which gives birth to new technologies, products and services every day.
We provide the best service tailored to the needs of customers, leveraging our wide knowledge and abundant experience.

IR support

We provide interpretation and translation support for various IR activities, such as interpretation for IR meetings (conference calls and one-on-one meetings), investment seminars, overseas roadshows, etc., and translation of financial reports (consolidated financial results, briefing materials, annual reports, etc.)